Wireless Device Reads Brain Signals, Turns them into Speech



Remarkable news keeps coming for those who are trapped in their own bodies. People with locked-in syndrome, a condition where a healthy mind is unable to express itself due to brain damage, are slowly being opened up through direct contact with their motor neurons in the brain. Frank Guenther at Boston University’s Speech Lab has teamed up with Phillip Kennedy at Neural Signals to measure activity in the speech centers of the brain through implanted electrodes. These electrodes can then relay the information to a sub-dermal amplifier and then to a computer via wireless FM transmission. The results: a patient has demonstrated the ability to form rudimentary vowel sounds on a synthesizer using just his thoughts. It’s a small step, but research like this may one day allow someone to simply think of the words he wants to say, and have a computer do the talking for him. We have some videos of the wireless brain signal to speech test results after the break…

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