Newsletter March 2011 The ETICA Project

Introduction – The ETICA Project

The ETICA project was launched in April 2009 with the aim of identifying emerging technologies likely to be realized in the next 10 – 15 years. Along with the identification of the technologies, a second aim was to understand the ethical issues that would potentially result from the emerging technologies ofthe future.

This understanding would be followed by the ranking  and evaluation of the identified ethical issues. In addition, the project would then look attgovernance structures within which ethical issues of  emerging technologies would be dealt with. Lastly, at the end of the project scheduled for the end of  May, the project would present recommendations to the EU Commission on issues  dealing  with
emerging and future technologies and their related ethical issues. On this premise this, this  newsletter takes a look at what ETICA has achieved  so far,
how it has achieved its results as well as outlines the next remaining steps as the project comes to an end.

Focus group discussions were also incorporated in the process of identifying ethical issues. Some ethical issues were unique to particular technologies
while others were cross-cutting. Below is a highlight of some of the ethical issues attributed to the identified technologies:

  privacy,
  data protection,
  intellectual property,
  security
  cultural differences
  autonomy, freedom, agency,
  responsibility, liability,
  access, digital divides
  persuasion and coercion
  power issues
  surveillance
  consequences of technology for our view of humans
  informed consent
  cost and a lot more.

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