EU/USA The Human Brain Project


The goal of the Human Brain Project (HBP) is to build the informatics, modeling and supercomputing technologies needed to simulate and understand the human brain. Major expected advances include new tools to fight the growing impact of brain disease on public health and well-being, and a new class of technologies with brain-like intelligence, to empower people to make decisions in an increasingly complex information society.

More specifically, the HBP will:

1.  Establish a global multidisciplinary program to organize and informatical-ly analyze basic and clinical data about the brain and to model, simulate and understand animal and human brains at all levels of organization, from genes to cognition and behavior;

2.  Design and implement an exascale supercomputer, with the power and functionality to make these goals feasible including novel capabilities for real time model building, interactive simulation, visualization and data access; contribute to longer term prospects for braininspired supercomputing;

3.  Derive novel technologies, beginning with enhancements to current telecommunications, multimedia, internet, ambient intelligence, data storage, real-time data analysis, virtual reality and gaming systems, but leading toward completely new kinds of information processing and genuine intelligence for robots;

4.  Develop applications in medical and pharmacological research, including new diagnostic and disease monitoring tools, simulations of brain disease, and simulations of the effects and side effects of drugs.

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[...] EU/USA The Human Brain Project   [...]

[...] EU/USA The Human Brain Project   [...]


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